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Frequent questions visits monuments

Do I have to go before the time I bought the ticket?

✔️ It is recommended to go 10 minutes before to be able to validate the tickets. Access will not be allowed if you arrive more than 10 minutes late.

Can I buy group tickets on this platform?

✔️ No, it is only for school groups. At the ticket office, the teachers responsible for the group of students will be asked to present their current card as accreditation.

Who is the entry "School Groups" for?

✔️ For groups of students of regulated or official education who come with the teaching staff during school hours. We also include the Summer Camps.

How many students can be in an entry "School Groups"?

✔️A maximum of 30 students plus the accompanying teacher or guide.

If I choose to do one of the routes, do I need to visit all the monuments that are offered to me?

✔️ No, it is a recommendation that the Museum offers. However, it is necessary to respect the visiting hours of the first monument and the order of the route, even if there is a monument that is not visited.

Can I buy the ticket physically?

✔️ Yes, you can go to Casa Castellarnau (Cavallers Street, 14), choose the date and time (depending on availability) and make the payment in cash or card. Likewise, it is recommended to make the purchase online.

Frequent questions Mapping Tarràco

Can I buy the ticket fiscally?

✔️Yes, you can go to Casa Castellarnau ( C/ dels Cavallers, 14) and choose the date and hour that you want.

Do I have to go before the time of the projection to the Volta del Pallol?

? We recommend you to go there 10 minutes before to be able to validate the tickets and start the video mapping at time.

How long is the video mapping?

? The video mapping is 13 minutes. After the projection you have 7 minutes to visit the mockup.

Do children under 12 have to reserve?

✔️ Yes, but they have a free ticket.

I buy more than 1 ticket and I only have 1 QR code, is it correct?

✔️ Yes, it’s correct. The reservation is registered in one QR. With this QR all the people that appear in the same reservation will be able to access.